Tailored design solutions to make you feel and look fabulous

Well-made women’s tailored clothing makes an incredible difference between looking hot or not. Unlike most off the shelf garments available, our designs are based on revolutionary 3D body scanning and pattern making technology that accurately reflect every curve in a women’s body. Each of our design silhouettes has then been tested on real women with a wide ranging body shapes, as well as fabric choices to ensure our designs are as flattering as possible.

Finally, we really do get that everyone is unique and with a few simple measurements (your height, chest, waist and hips) we can work with our pattern master to adapt our standard sizing to ensure optimal drape and fit. Long body – no problem, bigger top than bottom – we can mix and match sizing. You share your concerns and we will work through a solution that works for you and even use all of your body measurements for a fully bespoke size if that is what it takes.