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AURZA – Ordering the perfect dress online

26th Auguest 2014

Even today, in the 21st century, the lion’s share of clothing manufacturers still rely on the old measurement tables for determining clothing sizes. Hong-Kong based entrepreneurs Stephanie Holland and Jessica Stephens were aware that this often forces consumers to make “fashion compromises” when buying clothing off the rack. Determined to eradicate this problem, the two British business minds created “Aurza”, an online store that launched at the beginning of May, offering tailor-made dresses based on 3D body scans.


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Dressed to impress! Customised clothing at AURZA

4th August 2014 by Emma and Charlotte

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re in a changing room trying on a dress that looked great on the coat hanger… Now that you’ve got it on, you notice it could probably be looser around the shoulders, tighter around the waist, and maybe a little longer. The reality is you’re short on time, low on energy and desperate for something to wear so you settle for how it looks and head to the check out. The classic ‘fashion compromise’.


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‘Made-to-SHAPE’ fashion by AURZA

16th June 2014 by Jasmine Smith

Confrontational in the most visual of ways, AURZA comprises their fashion line in a way that works DIRECTLY with your body – its curves, bone structure, positioning… Not to be mistaken with ‘made-to-measure’, which is a numeric based pattern making system that builds garments based on a set of numbers you provide the tailor (usually chest, waist, hip) – what AURZA have created is a system called ‘made-to-SHAPE’.



Blast from the past

1st June 2014 by Jane Clyde

Childhood friends reunited in DB, Stephanie Holland and Jessica Stephens tell Jane Clyde about their parallel lives and fledgling fashion business When Stephanie Holland and Jessica Stephens bumped into each other at the Club Siena bus stop in November 2011, they hadn’t seen each other for 18 or so years. Best friends growing up in Loughborough in the UK, they had lost touch after university and so the chance encounter was serendipitous to say the least.


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14th May 2014 by Instant Goddess

The saying “a bit like buses” springs to mind this week… you wait and wait and then not one but three new collections come along all at the same time to tantalise those shopping taste buds. And what’s more, they’re all collections from homegrown local talent available on our very own doorstep… instant gratification here we come.


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This Hong Kong startup wants to help women of all shapes and sizes find the perfect dress

29th April 2014 by Phoebe Magdirila

The emergence of ecommerce has changed the way people shop. Consumers can now easily browse through an ecommerce site and purchase nearly item they want instantly, without ever having to enter a store. But for ladies, the shift from a shopping mall to a tablet computer is not as smooth as it may seem, especially when dresses are concerned.


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Aurza, The Service That Wants To Help Women Find The Perfect Dress.

29th April 2014 by Kevin C

E-commerce has manage to change the way people have begun to do their shopping. With a few simple strokes on a keyboard, people can easily browse through an e-commerce site and look though all sorts of categories, filled with a variety of items available to instant purchasing, without havng to enter a store. However, its a bit more different for the ladies out there with the shift of shopping centers to computerized devices being not as smooth as it may seem, especially when it comes down to trying out dresses.


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The Second Sunday in May...

22nd April 2014 by Kim

All ladies love to dress up! (ha ha... and I bet maybe some of the guys do too) But how many times have you tried something on, only for the arms to be 'not quite right', or the length too short, or the colour isn't what you want. (especially when it's on sale!) Well Aurza have the perfect dress for you! You design it!!!


The Right 3D Fit

20th April 2014 by HKTDC

It may be the 21st century, but mass-produced clothes still rely heavily on post-World War II sizing information. As a result, consumers often end up making the “clothing compromise,” say Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs Stephanie Holland and Jessica Stephens, who this week launched Aurza, an online fashion retail offering custom-fitted dresses based on 3D body scanning.




2nd January 2014 by Kate Haberbusch

Meet Jessica Stephens and Stephanie Holland, founders of Hong Kong based fashion startup, AURZA. Recently completing one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns in Hong Kong history through indiegogo, these women have caught the attention of many, including Forbes. We had the chance to sit down with Stephanie, a graduate of our 10 week Digital Marketing Business Course for a quick catch-up on how things are going post GA and where AURZA is headed next.



Crowdfunded Hong Kong Startup AURZA Will Give Every Woman The Perfect Dress

29th November 2011 by Josh Steimle

“On a daily basis two thirds of us can never find the perfect outfit that makes us feel amazing. We’re always compromising,” says Stephens, a former interior designer with over 15 years experience in the textile and design industry who acts as creative director. “With AURZA we give women a real alternative because our dresses are custom made to suit each woman’s style, personality and shape.”


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Finally, a cure for the high-necked monoboob? Custom made dresses you design yourself.

16th November 2013 by Katy Regan

So two big things happened this week: I, finally, after eighteen months (oh yes) finished the second draft of my fourth novel, THE STORY OF YOU which is out in April and most importantly, and much more interestingly, my sister got married!



INDIEGOGO Campaign: AURZA - Utterly fabulous custom-made dresses

7th November 2013

Couture tailoring meets 3D pattern technology to offer a range of sassy dresses, designed by us and perfected by you. 96% of women believe that what they wear significantly affects how confident they feel. Yet on a daily basis over two thirds of us can never find the perfect outfit that makes us feel amazing. We constantly compromise. We aim to give women a real alternative with utterly fabulous custom-made dresses designed by us and perfected by you to suit YOUR style, personality and shape.



AURZA is launching soon.

17th October 2013

Three fabulous dresses, Two gorgeous girls and One enormous boat (which i am still dreaming about) This shoot was fun fun fun. Shot here in Discovery Bay at The Marina Club, for AURZA. A new fashion start up that's makes customised dresses, for woman, who are fed up compromising on style and fit.