We knew what we wanted but we could never find it. We spent precious time in stores and online getting it almost right. We spent time looking at our purchases in our wardrobe, yet never wearing them.

We wanted that capsule wardrobe that every fabulous person, except us, has. We wanted to take anything from our wardrobe, wear it and feel fabulous. We didn’t want to do the thing where all of our clothes are on the bed and we declare (read, scream) “I have nothing to weeeeeaaaarrr”. We wanted to shop online and be confident of quality and fit. We wanted to have a personal relationship with a brand that wouldn’t let us down.

We decided to take action. For us, our husbands, our friends and you, and so...

AURZA was born.

Steph and Jess


The AURZA Founders - Stephanie Holland and Jessica Stephens

Stephanie Holland

Founder and Commerical Director

With 16 years commercial experience in global blue chip FMCGs including Mars, PepsiCo and GSK, Stephanie manages the sales and marketing side of AURZA. At the heart of every part of the business is her relentless desire to ensure all areas of the AURZA experience result in women feeling utterly fabulous.

Jessica Stephens

Founder and Creative Director

Former interior designer and textiles graduate, Jessica manages the product development and web design. Her 15 years experience in the textile and design industry has been invaluable in the product range, sourcing and development of the dresses. Passionate about style and fit she has sought out the best partners to bring her ideas to life.